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Team Tooke’s Cypress Judo program.

Welcome to the first and only formal Judo program in Cypress, Here we offer 30 Days of Free Training in our Judo Classes in northwest Houston Area. Our Judo class incorporates traditional Judo techniques with a structured curriculum in order to provide a road map to success. Just enter your information in the Box to the Right to get started on your Free 30 Day Trial or Give us a Call at 281-256-3993.

Cypress Judo Classes

Technical Expertise

What Makes Us Different?

Why Train Judo In Houston?

We have a Family Judo Program that is geared to both adults and children – man and women.
Judo is a modern martial art, combat, self-defense and Olympic sport created in Japan. Judo – “Ju” = Gentle , “Do” = way => The gentle way and art of using the opponents strength against them.
In Judo we focus on:

  • Throws / Takedowns
  • Immobilization / Pins
  • Submissions with emphasis on Arm Locks and Chokes

Whether you’re looking to learn practical self-defense, increase fitness level or compete for Gold in competition, we have a proven system and Coaching staff with National and International experience in teaching and competition to help you reach your goals. At Team Tooke Cypress Judo Class, we take pride in our highly successful curriculum. We always make sure that our students consistently receive high quality material and personalized attention.

When experienced students first train at Team Tooke Cypress, they often describe us as ‘the most technical’ school they have trained at. We are always striving to give our students high level, methodical, and up-to-date training.

One thing that separates our school from all of the others in the Houston, Cypress area, is that we have a specialized curriculum which is posted inside the school. This system is one of the keys to our students’ success. By posting our curriculum inside the gym, our students always have a reference as to the information and Judo techniques required for advancement, helping them to gauge their progression in the program. Some schools offer no curriculum or path of progression for their students at all! However, we find that using a proven curriculum is very proficient in creating a fundamental base of techniques that can be taught and retained by our students.

The curriculum at Team Tooke Cypress is designed to establish an approach to develop and learn the fundamentals of Judo. These fundamentals can always be built upon with relevant advanced techniques as students progress.

We believe in setting short, intermediate, and long-term goals – all while putting a plan into place to reach these goals. Our expert Houston Judo instructors put these plans into place through a constant process of problem-solving and training. Our instructors have spent time traveling, training and competing with some of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes and teams here in the United States, Japan and in Brazil. To provide access to new and innovative techniques and views, we consistently bring in top Judo practitioners for seminars and training. This is a passion for students and instructors alike, and we want to make sure that you have access to getting the best training available.

Team Tooke Cypress Judo Class is a great workout
Many people start training in our Houston Judo classes as an alternative to going to the gym. Unfortunately, going to a gym to lift weights or run on a tread mill can be very boring, and very un-motivating. In our Judo program, you’ll learn something new each and every day, which contributes to a interesting and fun experience. You’ll be in class with a group of people just as yourself with the same goals and mindset of working to get better. Whether your a beginner or not with the kind of energy in our Judo Training Classes, it’s hard not to be motivated.

Self Defense
We have proven systems that have been taught to law enforcement as well as normal every day people. With the skills learned at Team Tooke, you can decide how to end a fight. If it is a small issue between friends or with someone who you really don’t want to injure, then you can simply control the position and wear your opponent out. However, in a more life threatening situation, you may need to put more of your skills to use.

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