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Kids Karate

Here at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Cypress we offer a great fun filled karate classes in the Cypress Tx, and the surrounding areas of Houston Tx, Waller Tx, Hockley Tx, Katy Tx, Prairie View Tx, and North West Harris County areas, that we guarantee to boost your child’s overall way of life. Often success lies just beyond where most people give up. With our guidance in the Kids Karate Classes your child will learn the staying power to keep at it, until success is achieved. Know this: Success is a habit. And so is failure. Here at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Cypress we will help your child develop the habits of a winner.

Parents are you tired of investing hundreds of dollars in equipment, registration fees and uniforms in a team sport such as youth football, baseball and basketball just to see your child sit the bench or witness his lack of personal attention from coaches only to be put in a game when their is only a few minutes left. Well in are youth martial arts programs nobody sits on the bench or sidelines. Every child participates and receives ample attention. With minimal investment cost.

Fitness Through Karate

Build Discipline

Improved Confidence

Social Skills

Self Defense

Academic Success

With your child’s new found strength and endurance through Karate, they will be able to take on new tasks. Heavy objects will get lighter. Sports will become more fun. Even the simple act of walking will become easier. Because of this new ability to do more physically, they will start to try other things as well. This new confidence will open up new areas to them that didn’t seem possible before.

Each Kids Karate class begins with a respectful bowing in and ends with bowing out. From start to finish your child will be learning about respect, discipline and focus. They will gain a better understanding of what respect is and why it is important to show it to others and themselves.

The discipline comes from their drive to improve. They soon learn that the only way to get better is to show self discipline and follow the rules given to them.

The sense of accomplishment gained by learning a new move in Kids Karate is profound. It gives your child the confidence to try harder in other areas of life. Throughout this whole process they’re building a mental library of success that they can draw from in the future.

Because they are constantly being driven to push outside their comfort zones, this drive becomes the norm for them. They are no longer afraid of what use to scare them, and they can get past whatever scares them in the future.

The group setting of Karate and teamwork found here helps to develop the social skills needed to be happy and successful in life. The students learn to help each other and push each other along.

Martial Arts training is not as much about fighting others, as it is about fighting your own fears and in securities. Your child’s ability to defend them self is important, but not feeling the need to fight is the real lesson of martial arts. With the ability to fight they’ve already proven them self to the most important person; them self. And this self confidence shows to others. They appear less of a victim, and are less likely to be targeted as one.

Children want to be good at something. This desire causes them to try harder and figure out ways to improve. The problem solving skill they develop here will lead to better academic performance. Essentially they are teaching themselves how to learn, and we make it fun and enjoyable for them.

It’s an unfortunate fact than a lot of children do not like to learn. But with the positive feelings of fun, enjoyment and accomplishment linked to learning in our Kids Karate Classes, they will soon improve their feelings about school and even homework.

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