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Efrain Mejia

Assistant Kickboxing Coach

Efrain Mejia

Assistant Kickboxing Coach



Efrain has been part of the Team Tooke family since 2013. It started with him enrolling his two sons, Ethan and Ayden, into the Kids Martial Arts program. It wasn’t too long before he also became involved and enrolled in the adult Muay Thai/Kickboxing Program. He has always been an active person, from knowing the value of physical fitness to competing in local paintball tournaments some years ago.

Since Efrain’s martial arts journey started, he has come to understand and appreciate the value of martial arts not only for himself, but also the positive effect it has had on his two sons. He has always been consistent in his training, but also taken the initiative to learn more about the art of Muay Thai. He has attended a Muay Thai legends training camp and has participated in competitive Muay Thai events.

Efrain’s goal is to keep learning about the different aspects of martial arts. What started as him being a student, developed into him being an intructor.


Efrain has participated in several local Muay Thai exhibitions. He won his first amateur Muay Thai competition Muay Thai Kingdom here in Houston. He is always looking to challenge himself through competition, but in the meantime he enjoys coaching and helping new members at the school. He received his instructor certification through the Team Tooke Instructor Certification Program.

Favorite Thing About Coaching:

Efrain’s favorite thing about coaching is being able to share what he has learned with the students. He  understands that in order for newer, or any, students to get better, the instructor must value the technical skills of the art. He enjoys being able to teach because in instruction he also learns.