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Kru Bob Perez

Kru Bob Perez



Robert “Bob” Perez, has been practicing Muay Thai for 21 years. He began training, in boxing at the age of 8. Bob is one of only a handful of students given the blessing to teach Muay Thai, by the legendary Saekson Janjira. He has been involved in the production of over 50 amateur and professional MMA and Muay Thai champions. Some of these competitors  include an IFMA world champion, and professional Muay Thai Champion in Thailand. He has cornered over 500 fights, including Strikeforce, Legacy, Bellator, Elite XC, UFC, Glory, Legacy Kickboxing, and fights in Thailand.


Co Recipient of TXMMA Coach of the Year for 3 years

Magazine Co Recipient MMA Coach of the Year for 2 years.

Co Recipient of TXMMA Striking Coach of the Year Co Recipient 2014 and 2015.


Education B.S. Bichemical/Biophysical Sciences, University of Houston

What I Love About Coaching:

I believe in Martial arts with every ounce of my being.I have seen lives transformed  in the greatest ways through martial arts.I get immense pleasure, and take great pride in being a part of an individual’s growing process .I strive to keep learning, and bettering myself in order to pass on the gifts that have been given to me.I love knowing that when my time is over, my teachings will on through my students, and the legacy will always continue.